Sunday, November 25, 2012


When I was 14...I wasn't a fan of this movie. The whole accident love story and fate bringing them back together?! Come on, that doesn't happen in real life. But this past week....I might have/ temporarily changed my opinion. FYI serendipity means: happy accident or love?!

So my literature review essay is DUE this Nov 30th  FRIDAY at 4:00pm. This week has been full of writing....and riding my bike in the rain and cold sores....and diabetic lows.... and a real serendipity moment(s)... 

Intense University Library!
Mel and I at our library tour
I have to find this book. It's essential and old....and costs $54 dollars on Amazon. BUT Cambridge has every book. It's just finding it. After a long journey in the pouring rain to 3 libraries....a nice librarian with a classy bow tie sorted it out. The book is at the main University Library!

I parked my bike next to a man's metallic white road bike....with a Zebra-printed seat! I figured, "Whatever guy owns that bike would be pretty much perfect!"It is in the restricted a tucked away room. After putting the room in my iPhone Cambridge GPS...I found it!  

It is delightful! Like a fairytale! The ceiling is high....and book shelves with ladders! The room is staffed by a darling librarian with RED glasses! She's classy. She found my book and went over the very STRICT rules. I'm tellin' you worse than the airport! No coats, no pens, no iPods, no photos, no FOOD! So she kindly took my diabetic supplies and put them in an "emergency" stop. I settled in between two large book shelves with my own TABLE!!!! 

It was me and some other man in this marvelous room. I was transcribing away....for a LONG time. And I noticed my hands were shaking and I was dizzy. So I needed the emergency food! The librarian was out....and I figured it was just me. So one option climb over the desk and get it!!!! Which I did and then proceed to eat all my emergency food....gotta love diabetes. Just as I was climbing back over the desk. I hear a laugh. HE'S in the ROOM too! And I seem like a crazy person. Just then the librarian came I went back to work.

Then 7 hours later. I am leaving the's dark and rainy and I'm late. I put on my dorky/hideous helmet....and pull my bike out and just then....The owner of the super awesome zebra-printed seat bike comes and it's HIM!!!! For real! He opens his mouth and then... a girl from my research class comes out of no where and is crying! She needs my help with some project. See ya never, zebra-printed seat bike man.

Next day...I don't have to go to the library. But then I realize that my external hard drive is GONE!!! I can't find it anywhere....I do have a kinda back up copy of my life's work essay....but not really. PANIC!!! However, at the central library lost and found I found it. The worker said, "Ohh yes I have it. Oddly enough it was in the commonwealth restricted zone. No one goes there. A very kind young man rushed down straight away in the morning with it. He looked up who the owner I"ll need your ID."

Finally a photo of my bike!
Thank you "very kind" "zebra-printed seat bike" man. The next day I'm in the library, and the secret room is not open on saturdays. I'm working and working and working.... and then it's time to leave. Every person get's checked when they exit. It takes FOREVER! The security guard says,
 "What have you done to the book called "First Nations Education Policy in Canada"?
 I innocently say, "I read it."
 He responds "No you did more than that! There are papers placed in it. We have to use these books for a long time. You must remove the markers now. It could damage the book."
I say, "Okay. Do you have a pen? I need to write down the page numbers?"
"No pens! You're holding up the line. You are ruining the book for everyone else. Just take them out."
I say, "Okay...I'm the only person ever to take this book out. It's 30 years old too."
And then I hear....that same laugh!!! It was Zebra-printed seat bike man. 4 people back in line.

In St. Edmund's orchard! Thanks Mel!
The guard finally was happy (once I took out the paper pieces) and let me through....
and then as FATE would have it....
my cell phone rings right as Zebra-printed bike man walks up. It's kinda an important school related call...I had to answer it RIGHT?
he smiles at me holding the door, shrugs and is off on his bike.

So that's it. But he saved my life...turning in my external drive...My entire term is based on this essay! So serendipity right?! Unexpected surprise.....and as fate will have it....I have to go back to the secret room tomorrow....

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  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you meet this zebra man soon! He sounds awesome!