Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's raining......MEN!

I have had 36 roomates/apartment mates so far....all of which were girls. Upon my arrival at Cambridge, I realized instantly that my corridor has 6 people including me. We are from 6 different countries and 4 continents...and there's 4 men. Shannon lives right across the hall from me (and she's fantastic so disregard the girl generalizations!)
I realize there are a few issues this the sample size and selection. But this is a very very interesting case study.
I have concluded that men are much much much better to be living next door to...  There are many reasons...
1. They are actually cleaner! (now the reason for this is unknown. But I think they do their dishes RIGHT away)
2. No hair all over the sink and clogging it
3. No freak outs- bad things totally happen but instead of the whole world crashing in...."I just have to write a new thesis review." Not saying "I can't do this. I don't have what it takes."
4. communal ownership- use the rice cooker next time! use my chop sticks...."umm Carly, a stir-fry needs soya sauce. Use mine"
5. Better sharers - In the kitchen making a salad with TUNA on it...Shaun says,  "You love raspberries, want some?" This could be attributed to feeling pity for my dietary choices....
6. Computer geniuses- My reference program was being a punk. I was exsaperated. So I went to make dinner. Once in the hall, I hear, "Are you okay?" Which was followed by, "No, I'm frustrated and mad." "At who?" "My computer!!!!" insert laughing "Ohh that's a relief. I thought I was going to hear about some relationship." "That would be better than this. I have 6000 word essay due tomorrow. Zotero corrupted my files of citations. Now I'm going to do it by hand for the next 4 hours." (watery eyes).  5 minutes later, fixed. "Bytheway, a computer isn't a person so you can' be mad at it."
7. Fixers- 3 AM I'm freezing....I realize that my window is a bit cracked open. I try everything to shut it...and then a light knock on my door. "Carly, I'll show you how to close the window." Problem solved
8. They don't take 30 min showers!!!!!!!!!!
9. Quieter- I have like superhero hearing! Ask Rachel.....this is the best perk. They don't play "Call me maybe" on repeat while blow drying their hair!!! I think I am the loudest person! Mainly because when I have writers block I go running....but after that I dance! Now I put my iPod headphones in....
10.  Emergency planners- Fist weeks of being here. "So saw your insulin. Your diabetic--what's the plan for if you have a problem?" next boy "Carly, I'll keep some juice in my room, just in case you need it." next boy "So if you ever have a problem. COME get me. Write down your GP's (doctor's) number" next boy "So what type of symptoms should I be aware of? And put the list of all your medications next to the GP numbers." Thanks guys...I'll be set.
Home sweet home.....
11. Considerate- So the fridge is usually pretty full. I live on tuna and almonds....and eggs. Yeah, I don't eat them together. Gross! I had a jar of mixed tuna in the shared fridge. One of the guys was moving things around and it feel on the ground. The tuna went everywhere. What did he do? Clean it up! And washed my jar and since I wasn't home...wrote me a nice apology note offering to share any of his food if that was my plan for dinner AGAIN! Plus, money to pay for the tuna!!!
In girl world it could have went this way. But it might go like this...."Carly you put your tuna in a bad spot and the container wasn't closed right. So like, I don't have time to deal this this. You should be more considerate."
12. And better running partners....for real! Running with a girl usually ends with a damaged friendship! Seriously!
13. Inclusive- one dreary evening after hours of researching. I realized I had to eat! So to the tuna... a few of the guys were mulling around in the hall. "You emerged! STOP! Come eat with us! No tuna tonight!"
14.Exact....which is wonderful! No multi-tasking while cooking! They get it done with the LEAST amount of dishes and the LEAST amount of time. Focused and not hazardous!!!
15. Don't come interrupt studying to chat or share their life problems. To which, I feel obligated to counsel....thereby using brain power!
16. No passive aggressive sticky notes above the sink or in the fridge saying things like "PLEASE wash your OWN dishes!!!!" "SOMEONE needs to clean out THEIR old food" They just have a conversation about normal people! 
17. Practical! The fridge is not divided into harsh borders. So the milk can actually all stand vertically instead of spilling all over!

I'm sure there's more but that's all I've got right now!!!! Sorry for the dead blog!!! I've been a bit tied up....mounds of work and re-does....but only 10 more school days and 1/3 DONE!!!!!

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  1. Carly! I love that building - I remember going by and it thinking it was so cool!