Sunday, November 4, 2012

Into the BLACK HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journey to the Edge of the EARTH....Discovering a BLACK HOLE.....

How exciting!!! 

Well that's my life right now. That's what I keep telling myself....after ya know... clocking 31.5 hours of "research" this weekend. Since moving to the UK I have wore my sweat pants more then any other article of clothing and I have spent the ENTIRE day in my pj's!!! On Friday, I woke up and hit the books at 8 am.....and then realized that I was starving. But I just had to finish this one 2000 word section....after an indeterminate amount of time, I realized I was starving. Guess what time it was? 7:45 PM. I am NOT kidding...I didn't even realize it was dark. Don't be too alarmed, I was eating almonds intermittently. I made some real good for dinner. And decided I'd earned a break on Saturday. So I went right back to it....

But here's the real clincher...that night well I was sleeping (which is essential for your brain to replay and process the info) I woke up with a Brilliant idea!!!!!!! I've been struggling with the structure of my literature review.

 Lit Review according to Cambridge: a review of every significant article within your focus along with all the topics on the peripheral of your topic....presented in a narrative style with deep analysis of the validity, methodology and flaws of each included article.. Plus all the contradictory views of the views you wanted to present. Plus a summary of all the potential areas of further research. Plus a statement of all the definitions the author used that may be specific to the field. Ohh and don't forget it's a lit review so the definitions will have to compare all the currently used definitions along with all the previously mentioned requirements. Word limit 8000 words! Due Nov. 14th.

Are you confused? If you are that's good. The entire campus of M Phil's are                     confused! 
Back to the story...So at 3 AM I woke up with a stroke of brilliance. I started writing and cutting up my old drafts. I started making sticky notes of main topics and concept mapping them. I covered the bed the wall and my desk. And then I stared at it.....and it all started to link into BEAUTIFUL categories that told a real TRUE story.... 
103 libraries in Cambridge..getting those books was a workout!

Once a week the cleaners come with new sheets. My creative flow was interrupted with a knock at the door. It was 9:50 AM. I opened the door and the maid said, "Ohh rough night out at the pub or bop, eh?...ohh dear. Would you like me to just leave the sheets in the hall? Once you've got time to uncover the bed...and maybe sleep?" 
I did eat....proof the almond bag! Thanks Grandma Rella for the package full of FOOD!
I decided I'd earned a time! I went to buy groceries....and I was just having the best time thinking not about research. And then, I heard a girl in line say, "I just don't know what I'm going to do. I can't sleep without having nightmares about my computer dying or getting ran over and losing all of my dreadful work. I can't finish the lit review." And then I remembered...."I have to go! I have to read, write....find info!" 

So here's the analogy for this week. Research is like an exploration. It's all consuming. It's a bubble that the research creates. It's like Columbus. He had to lobby his idea get..prove that it was worth the investment. Then he headed out for the West Indies. He got lost and the crew started to doubt him. Some even said that it wasn't worth it...looking for something that wasn't there. And then Columbus discovered the West Indies. Wait? Didn't Columbus discover America (like the USA)!
*Shout out to my Blackfoot 8th grade history graduates.....both of those answers are wrong! 

Columbus died thinking that he discovered the passage to the the Orient. The world believed for a it was "true"...And then when the world finally caught up we reclassified his discovery as finding America. Which sad to say, he never set foot in North America. So who discovered America....the Vikings!....or the Chinese!....or the Aboriginals!......or Aliens! 

So what's the point?! I thought I discovered the "West Indies" and then I was "America" or that? Some might say, it doesn't matter as long as the world believes you....but well that just won't settle with me. Cheers to a new week...sailing into new rough waters!!!!

PS. My research topic is "Issues surround Aboriginal Students (in Canada) with special education needs transitioning out of Secondary School." Yup....


  1. Wow! That is intense . . . but what part of your life is not? Good luck finishing up your paper. I will be praying for you!

    p.s. the coolest part about your blog is the .uk/ in the address line :) Ok, that's not the COOLEST, but it is pretty neat - - I read international blogs!

    Lots of love Carly.

  2. I miss you!!!! I just looked at all your facebook photos! WE need to Skype....Sundays are easiest for me.. Let me know when you have church!