Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sorry for the looooooong sabbatical!!!

Here are the highlights of the past... 2 months! 

(I promise I'll keep up better starting now)

1. I went to IDAHO! My sister Josie graduated from Brigham  Young University--Idaho. She sang at the graduation! Plus, I got to visit my Blackfoot family! And I saw a few dear friends in Salt Lake City.

My sister, Clara and I headed out on the ice!

2. I was back in the motherland! Oh, Canada I LOVE you! It was incredible. I was very very very busy. First of all I needed to sleep from the horror of Cambridge Essay 1. Once I was over that it was New Years....

That's the view from my house!
3. It was extremely snowy and cold at home. It was a magical Christmas! 
Lilo loves presents
Poppy and I

4. New Years was spent dancing at wedding receptions we "crashed." But since we don't drink or eat their food...I figure that we're doing them a favor. We dance!
All of the cousin's on Christmas Eve at Grandma's House

5. I came back to Cambridge and it snowed. That was horrible. They don't have anything to deal with snow. So it froze!!!

6. My dear friend, Kira Davis, came to Cambridge. I had my first ever visitor! It was perfect timing because I was a tad homesick. I actually got to see a few of the "sights". Kira reminded me of how much of blessing it is that I'm here and that I can make it to the end!  Then I went back with her to London!

7. Kira's brother just finished his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in France. So the family was in Europe vacationing and picking him up. So then I got invited to Paris for a few days to stay with them!!! It was marvelous! Kira and I came to Europe for our first time together like 5 years ago... So it was nostalgic to be back. However, on our first trip we vowed that the next time we came to the Eiffel Tower we would be married...

8. And last, but not least I PASSED term 1. My results just came that means I'm still studying at Cambridge.
Passing is a good thing...right?!

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