Sunday, February 24, 2013

...Infected with the "Cambridge Disease"?!

At the beginning of my studies, the Senior Tutor of St. Edmund's college gave a stellar address. I have reflected on it often over the past few days. 

She said, "Most, possibly all of you will suffer from this disease during your studies at Cambridge. It can potentially be deadly. It's called the imposter syndrome. 
You'll look around and realise you're not suppose to be here. You'll start to worry that you don't belong with this brilliant, disciplined and refined lot.  Maybe somehow after the cumbersome application there was a mistake-- and you got in. There is no cure for a fictitious disease. You got here because we wanted you. So be you. In the end, what makes Cambridge renowned is the students who attend." 

My attempted "secret" deliveries!
Yup, I'm a sufferer of this fictitious disease...not everyday, but sometimes. The people around me are grappling with the world's biggest problems. They come from every country...(almost!). We are all under a (inhumane) amount of stress. ...This Valentine's day was full of moments of gratitude for all the people who love me (in Cambridge, Canada, Utah, Idaho...). Here's the highlights:
Valentine's Tea Party!
Most adorable Valentine from my sister!
Valentine's Bop (aka DANCE)
Mail from Daddy, Josie and both sets of grandparents!!!

Institute with Rebecca and Sister Balderson
Okay not on Valentines exactly but close! Special delivery....


  1. I love this post about all the love that was shared on Valentine's! I am so in awe of all the people during your whole life that "pop" into your life. They are all blessing placed by a mindful God- your Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for them. You love them and they love you. It is the greatest blessing I have been granted as your mom. I am filled with gratitude for these many people!! Love mama

  2. It's true, Carly! I felt the same thing when I was at Cambridge at times, and then I read an article about how most Cambridge students feel that way. It's so helpful, when you're having those moments, to be able to remember that it is something that all students experience, and that you are just as equally an amazing Cambridge graduate student as those around you!