Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love letters to strangers....

I am a strong believer in LOVE letters.  I have a serious addiction to stationary....'real' most especially STAMPS. I save these things for the precise moment and the perfect person. Sometimes for years!

It's just so special to know that the writer touched the paper. It's easier to 'hear their voice' when you read the words. Plus, I adore the diction on the individual. The spelling errors and run-on sentences. It's like they're having a conversation. No spell/grammer check. Just the real deal. Sometimes the only way to even partially express gratitude or admiration is in a letter. It comes the closest, I can get to how I actually feel.

I have had many pen pals over the course of my life. Some very frequent. Some occasionally. But if you've ever sent me a letter, I still have it and know exactly where it is. Sometimes I re-read this collection. It's a very interesting type of journal. I learn new things when I read them. I can look back retrospectively and the words often take on more significant meanings.

Here's the thing about letters...they always come at the perfect time. The moment I need a little reminder. A nudge--that the world is full of people with incredible stories-heartache, miracles, business...and that I'm part of there story. That's incredible! And often times, letters remind me of who I really am (or am becoming).  They remind me that separation won't last forever. 

While studying at Cambridge, I have been the recipient of many love letters. They have kept me going....and although my returns are not always prompt...I love sunday afternoons when I sit by my window and write the people I love in Utah, Ontario, Texas, Alberta, Manitoba, Cambridge and....the strangers.

I sent my sister, Josie this incredible postcard from Paris (for Valentine's day). I love postcard shopping too! I had already picked out and bought 3 postcards for JOSIE. But then I saw this one. It was the winner. But I couldn't get her another one. I walked away....then I had to go back latter in the day and FIND it. Now the incredible miracle of this card. It is exactly the same one Josie sent me....4 years ago when she was in Paris. I didn't remember right then, but my heart did.

Yup so here it is--my challenge. This week is a bit STRESSFUL! Term 2 ends FRIDAY! The library is packed. Thus, I spend basically the whole day and night wearing earplugs. Plus, everyone is grumpy/worried/stressed...So I Cambridge Library Love letters from me...this week! I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. How fun this will be! How it will touch the receiver of the letter. I am going to give it a try!! I love letters, my gransdma gate loved letters and my great-grandma bromon loved letters! It is inyour genes!!! Love you Mama