Friday, March 15, 2013

Living through end of survival kit!

Lent term ended today!!!! 

After the horrendously stressful conclusion of Michaelmus term, 
subjecting myself to 'that' 2 more times...seemed cruel. 

But here's the thing, stress usually results from a loss of perspective/ shift in priorities. solution was to identify and then do the things that "ground" me daily (and often hourly). 

I my survival kit had to include spiritual, social, emotional and physical goals. So here it is: 

1. Begin each day with scripture study and matter how much earlier I'd have to get up. 

2. Go for a run. So...when I have writers block, I run outside (in the rain). Honestly, my best ideas often come during running.  I actually am to the point that the run is a reward! I'm excited to lie! 

3. Because of #2, I have added ice packs to the list. I will definitely be ready for a FULL marathon by the time my thesis is done. 

4. Eat my favourite breakfast (oatmeal)...I actually NEVER get sick of it! And I have ate it every morning this term!! 

5. Dance breaks...and breaks where I actually TALK TO A PERSON! First term I went 3 days....without speaking to anyone at all!!! 

6.  I have to set the environment....with ear plugs (any of my old room mates can attest to this one. I think this term I've spent more time with ear plugs in than out!),  desk light(s), reading glasses, and (this one will seem odd) eye drops. Really I need to go to sleep earlier (that's next's terms big goal, but my eyes are blood shot most of the time). 

Thanks Josie...and Mamma!
7. This one is essential for me...POPCORN. It is my absolute favourite snack. (please note: although I like any type of popcorn...I actually prefer white popcorn....which the UK doesn't have) 

8.  Let/ ask someone to 'rescue' me...haha! When I get an invitation--instead of thinking (instantly) potential word counts per min lost--I try my best to be there for at least some of it. 

9. Make a list of all this things I'm grateful for....and if they are people GO TELL THEM. 

10. As soon as I feel the stress boiling over I start the list up again. REPEAT. 

So I survived. My eyes are still blood shot... I've got some cold sores muscles are a bit sore....But it was the best term ever. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Canada for 5 weeks of thesis fieldwork!!!!!

Ohh and love letters to strangers....nothing to report yet....I'm hoping the strangers found them. 

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  1. Carly, you are incredible! It sounds like life has been crazy but you always come through it so well! I hope your travels back to the homeland go well!