Saturday, October 20, 2012

"I'll make a man (Rower) out of you!"


It's a cambridge I have experience in a wavy lake...not a slender river with sidewalks along the edges. Plus, there are people who are trained and coaches. And a boathouse right on the Cam. More about the water training to follow! 
Last week we started land training. It was a bit early for a saturday morning..ya know 9! I thought about blogging about the experience as soon as I was done. We met on the field that's part of our college. The grass was a bit damp. No big deal...and it was chilly. I was prepared. One of our coaches and fellow Eddie went through the routine. Just some circuit training. Isolated exersices 45 seconds then rotate. 

1. Unmodified close hand pushups continuous 
2. Side lunches 
4. Squats 
5. Planks
6. Burpies (with full pushups)
7. 8 moves of had another name 
7. Bench sitting with a partner
8. Unmodified pushups with partner jumping over your legs...
9. Something else....involving laying on the muddy grass
10. Sit ups
12. Something else...
13. Something else....

ohh and all of that x3. Now I am a girl so obviously my first thought was, "What! The grass is wet and soon it's going to be muddy!" I hate mud...and puddles. But I didn't say a thing. And I didn't have gloves either. I am proud to say I completed the curcit... with some modifications to the pushups! 
Through the eyes of a social scientist it was incredible! The boys were motivated by the competition and worked harder when the coach would point out their "laziness." The girls....well there reaction wasn't to work harder....they just stopped. Or the most common response they started to giggle. 
The boys next to me said, "Ohh do you thing the heheheing will cease? I can't bear it? You're not a heheing girl, right?  To which I responded by....I couldn't help it
After the curcit was done....we ran for a while as the coaches told us about how much better we'll be in a few prepared for the first races...All I could hear was this song


  1. So fun!! And I love I'll make a man out of you, of course.
    Cute post :)

  2. Wow!! I am impressed- Did you take any pictures of yourself afterwords when you were covered in mud?