Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Going to the most (in)FAMOUS pub in Cambridge

During my first journey to Europe, I fell in love !!! (with the religious history) It resonated with this specific part of history because of my guiding belief in religious freedom for all people.  I kept reading....and reading and fell more in love! I specifically love the Reformers. Their courage and sacrifice changed history forever--changed my life forever!  

What does this have to do with a pub? Well....everything! 

The White Horse Tavern was a bustling place in Cambridge. So many famous men came to discuss the writings of Martin Luther and Phillip Melanchthon. The actual pub was taken down when renovations were made to King's College. However, this is the plaque that marks the place!
 Many influential men met at the White Horse Tavern, but just to name a few..... 
Thomas Bilney- Trinity College, Cambridge Graduate...burnt the stake
 Robert Barnes- Cambridge Graduate...at first recanted and then escaped from prison.  He actually met Martin Luther in Wittenberg! He returned to England and was convicted of heresy...burnt at the stake
John Lambert- Queen's College, Cambridge Graduate...convicted of heresy for denying the doctrine of Transubstantiation. Apparently, as he burned he said, "None but Christ."  
Hugh Latimer- Cambridge Graduate and fellow at Clare College, Cambridge...Thomas Bilney taught him. He was convicted of heresy by Queen Mary I...becoming one of 3 Anglican martyrs...
William Tyndale- Graduate of...that other school in England (Oxford). However, came to the White Horse Tavern. He has an incredible story. He sought to bring the Bible to the common man by translating it into their mother tongue! He wanted the Bible to be translated so even "the boy with the plough" could understand it!! Many of the words found in the English Bible derive from the translation work of Tyndale. the King James Version of the Bible relied on Tyndale's translation heavily. However, he was strangled and then burned for heresy.

*There were also martyrs of Cambridge. These executions occurred on Jesus Green and Parker's Piece! Both parks that I've jogged through recently!

Which leads me to...the King James Version of the Bible. This was a huge work that involved 54 members with meetings being held in Oxford, Westminster and...Cambridge. The translators worked on certain sections and then circulated their work to the other groups for approval (revisions!).

Also, for my US History students last year....in 1620 the Mayflower! What do these Puritans sailing to America have to do with Cambridge? William Brewster, a passenger on the ship, was a Cambridge Graduate!!!

I am officially in LOVE with Cambridge! It is inspiring to think of the great people that walked these same corridors and pathways.  They stood up for their beliefs against insurmountable odds. They asked questions and searched for answers.

*Thanks to Bro. and Sister Curley for their presentation about Cambridge as the birthplace of the Reformation in England! That was a wonderful (family) Home Evening!

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