Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dampened anyone's enthusiasm?

First Outing on the Cam!!! 

Alarm set for 6:15...

It was completely night. I had my lights clipped onto my bike. And I was wearing my helmet. One of my row team members happens to live across the hall! We biked over to the boathouse. It was chilly....and still dark! 

We went on the erg machines. A few people were lost...and late. Then we went over the basics. Where to step, strapping in your feet, LOCKING in the blades (aka oar/paddle- like long things!) 

Now the Cam is a busy place once it hits 7:00 AM and the boats can legally row.  We got in and went through all the basics. 

Then the UNBELIEVABLE....horribly embarrassing.....Eddies Boat club history....happened! 

We tipped. (the cause... rowing is a team sport...so everyone's fault...)
It was a graceful event...slow and could have been preventable, even once it began. Slow enough that I could make sure my insulin pump stayed dry! Or at least basically dry. It is waterproof, but I've never tested it! 
However, girls got panicked....blades went up and soon...well we were in the CAM! 

To make matters worse, the blades on the Port side were lodged in the muddy bottom. Considering that the blades on the Port side had been locked it was impossible to just flip the boat right side. So after some dunking and pulling...the boat was right side. However, the next task...lifting it out. It was heavy to start with. Now there was water that was flipped directly over our heads. 

However, we emerged...looking like swamp monsters. Don't be deceived the photos of the Cam are beautiful. But that water is far from pristine. I was wearing my favourite WHITE sweater...which turned light brown...but I'm proud of my stain removal skills!
Sorry no photo of the actual event

So there you have it....I swam in the Cam in October. And all of the teams, which we will be competing against were rowing by the entire time. With the boat away, we headed home....on our bikes. FREEZING, DRIPPING wet. 

First outing on the Cam and not a single stroke. But history making!

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  1. that's so funny!! how did i miss this blog post until now! hold your head high though carly. all those kids who didn't tip their boat will never get to boast of swimming in the Cam in October! :-)