Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's official...I have a plane ticket!

Well it's OFFICIAL!!! I have a plane ticket booked and a UK Visa.
 I am officially going to CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY!!!!! I am in a MPhil in Education programme.

I am ready to take on the most stressful task...PACKING!!! It's hard to move a life in two 50lb suitcases. On top of the clothes there is also my personal pharmacy that can't be checked in cargo. Oh to diabetes!!!!

Cheers to packing....and deciding what is actually necessary!  If you had 2 suitcases to pack your life in, what would you pack?
1.  Journal
2. Book of Mormon
3. Perfume (I have to smell wonderful!)
4. Diabetic Supplies (I don't want to die)
5. Passport with VISA
6. My broken in running shoes
7. Bathing suit
8. My favorite dresses (like 10)
9. Casual shoes (like 2 pairs)
10. Dress shoes (oh dear...only 6 pairs)
11. Address book (to send postcards!)
12. Power adaptor!
13. laptop
14. Pictures of home
15. Tight collection
16. Belts
17. WATER Bottle (essential)
18. Nook..because I can't bring all my books!
19. Almonds!!!!
20. ipod with a new play list!

Oh wow....the list just keeps on coming!


  1. That's a good list of the essentials! Congrats and all the best in UK! Soo excited for you!!

    xo sherri

  2. Don't forget your camera, memory card and charger to take lots of pictures and keep us updated!!!!

  3. I get giddy with excitement and joy when I think what amazing experiences await you!! I know you will meet people who will become fast, forever friends - who will be there to laugh with you and help you. I'm so proud of you. You inspire me!!

  4. Congrats Carly! This sounds like an amazing adventure!

  5. Cute post! Love that photo of you. Most important thing-Passport and visa! You can buy everything else!