Monday, February 14, 2011

With love, your Valentine

At a first glance, it would seem I have just cause to dislike Feb. 14th. Firstly, I'm diabetic....secondly, my
current relationship status...but I ADORE this day! 
 Valentines is synonymous with candy, chocolate and public displays of 'love". But hidden behind all the pink tissue paper, flowers, stuffed animals and sentimental cards is an excellent historical base.
Now there is some dispute about the details of this story--but regardless here it goes...
Valentine was a Christian in the Roman Empire during the reign of Claudius. The Roman Empire outlawed the practice of Christianity--including weddings!!! Valentine being a pious follower of Christ continued to practice Christianity. Soon his deviance was reported and he was sentenced to be put to death. The practice of the day was to allow the prisoner a piece of paper and ink. The guards being a tad pretentious failed to give him an ink. Valentine wrote his last letter in his own blood and signed it "With Love, Your Valentine." The letter was sent to his true received his note after his execution on Feb. 14th.

So, today I hope you have a Valentine, a person who you would share your last words with, a testimony of what you truly believe. Valentine's Day celebrates standing up for what you hold most dear. It's a day of expressing true love to the ONE who gave you everything!